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Far more important than what we say - is what our clients say. Here are a just a few of the many thousands of comments received over the years....

"Credit Technologies---SIMPLY the BEST!!!! They answer the phone, "How can we help you close more loans?" That alone says how this company is different from any other credit reporting agency! They stress education for the loan originator. They want to make our jobs easier. The staff is superb and it shows in their willing and helpful attitude. They have the training to help you close more loans! They have changed the credit reporting industry for the BETTER!"
Citizens Bank & Trust

"You guys are like that cell phone commercial, they always walk around with their network, I feel like I always walk around with Credit Technologies, you guys are my network.  Your service is awesome."
Wintrust Mortgage

“Every time I call in I hear “how can we help you close more loans”. My response would be keep hiring people like you and the rest of your team. I have never called in and not gotten help with the matter at hand. Thank you again!”
Merchants Home Loan

“Credit Technologies is truly the “best of the best “and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Your smile definitely radiates through your voice and you come across as empathetic, professional and very knowledgeable. Congratulations on a job well done."
City Bank

“I am so impressed with the quality of service I receive from everyone at Credit Technologies.   You have far exceeded my expectations. I cannot remember a time when I received such professional, efficient and very personal service. I felt like your only client. I felt like I was calling a family member.  Thank you again.”
Windsor Capital

“This letter will serve as my appreciation for the awesome customer service we receive from Credit Technologies. CT exemplifies the highest level of customer service, which in turn, provides my clients, the results needed in improving credit scores Thank you for going beyond the call of duty to ensure that our customers are taken care of beyond their expectations. I will always use Credit Technologies for my current and future clients."
Capital Mortgage Services, Inc.

“Credit Technologies is a pleasure to work with. Your staff truly goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always willing to help at any time and with a smile. Everyone is knowledgeable and insightful. I cannot express what a pleasure it truly is to work with the staff of CT.”
United Fidelity Funding

“I Just wanted to share how much we truly appreciate the service we receive from Credit Technologies. We used another major CRA in the past for all of our credit reporting needs and have completely switched over everything to Credit Technologies. This is entirely due to how wonderful you, and all of the staff I have had contact with at Credit Technologies, have been towards us. Your service, positive attitudes and willingness to help are unmatchable. Feel free to let your superiors know that we are extremely happy with the service we receive.”
WestAmerica Mortgage Company

“Thanks for your help. I love working with Credit Technologies, your company has provided the best service of any credit vendor I have ever used. Thanks again.”
Paramount Mortgage Funding, Inc.

“We had a really rush deal yesterday that we needed Alt credit and another supplement done like ASAP. And it was even late in the day, like after 3pm. Credit Technologies was awesome.  They understood the problem and went out of their way to make sure that we got what we needed ASAP and we are closing today.”

Love You Guys!!
New South Federal Savings Bank

“I just have to share what just happened with Credit Technologies. I have a buyer who was at a 635 mid score and I needed a minimum of a 680 to go on a NEVA. I did the credit analyzer and the buyer did what I asked her to do, however she had to pay off a lot of debt. After I added up how much it was going to cost to re-score her with two bureaus, it was going to be over $400! I called Credit Technologies and asked for help to minimize this cost. Their customer care representative quickly re-pulled each bureau and they all had gone up quite a bit but still not enough for the loan program. We then took each account that was paid and calculated how many points would be reflected if we did the re-score. It only took three accounts to get me higher than I had hoped for. Therefore, instead of costing my customer over $400, it’s only costing $75! What a difference.

I was just so impressed with this service I had to share it you. This shows me that Credit Tech truly looks out for the best interest of their clients, which would be me in this case, therefore allowing me to give the best service to my customer. This is not the first time they have personally assisted me in resolving problems or answered questions & just want to give them a huge “thank you” and tell everyone at MarketStreet that they are the Best!”
Market Street Mortgage

"I just wanted to take a minute to give special thanks. The staff of Credit Technologies always goes above and beyond. I cannot ask for a better customer care.”
Pine State Mortgage

“Everyone in customer service has been really great. They really appreciate the follow through and have never seen anything close to this with other credit reporting companies. We’ve been able to close 4-5 additional loans so far, that they may not have been able to do elsewhere – all because of the way we were able to help them. Keep up the wonderful customer service.“
Victory Home Loans

“Dear Mr. Conwell:

I want to take the time to write you personally. I have been using your company services since the first of this year. I was not very happy when my corporate office told me we must use your company for credit reports. I thought they were too expensive and in the beginning resisted the change from my other service.

Recent changes in the mortgage industry have required an increased use of credit supplements and upgrades. When I call your company, I am always greeted by a very pleasant and knowledgeable person. They help and take care of the issue at hand, always in a timely, professional manner. I usually speak with someone different each time I call, but I am always greeted by a very pleasant, knowledgeable and professional person.

I attended the online training sessions you provide and found them very helpful. I do believe that being able to examine, understand and explain credit reports to the borrower properly will separate those of us who make it through these changing times and those who do not make it.

I want to tell you how impressed I am with your company and your staff. They are superb! Also, I want to thank you for putting together such a professional and knowledgeable group of people. In my opinion, you have set the bar for your industry.”
1st Continental Mortgage

“We have been ordering 1040 verifications from another source and were told recently to order this verification only from Credit Technologies going forward from that point.

Well, what a pleasure to do this. With the previous company we had to order one for each person on the loan…with CT we can put both names on one sheet. I made copies of the cover sheet to save time…couldn’t do that before. If you made a mistake on the form or forgot to put something in, a CT person called you to let you know. The other company made you wait for 2-3 days and said REJECTED. This was very inconvenient since most of our loans need to get processed and underwritten in a week!!

I was also able to order a W2 on the same form, also using the 4506. CT has made this whole process so much more user friendly and the process is so much faster. When the results come back we get emailed and everything you need is in one email. Again, simpler and more efficient.

Thanks for helping my job go smoother. I’m also training a girl to help out and the training process is so much better not having to go to several pages in the ‘system’ and putting your password in 2Xs, etc. etc. etc. All in all, great process you have going.”
AmericaHomeKey, Inc.

“I just wanted to drop you a note, thanking you for a wonderful job done with a borrower of mine. Before you got here I had a borrower with a 549 middle credit score that we could not do anything with. With help from Credit Technologies, we were able to get rid of some erroneous information that was on her previous credit report and in less than a week we (I should say CT) was able to get her to a 680 middle credit score. She and her fiancé are now buying a residence for $225,000 at a 95% LTV and they are approvable.

I just love calling over there and hearing whoever answers the phone with that GREAT tag-line “how can I help you close more loans?” I have kept a copy of the previous credit report as well as the new one just in case no one believes a credit score can go up 131 points in less than a week.  Again, thanks to you for a job well done.”
Allied Mortgage Capital

“We have been using Credit Technologies for past five years without issue. The best part with dealing with them has been their customer service. They are easy to deal with and really do know what they are doing.”
John Adams Mortgage

“’I would like to take this opportunity to commend the excellent customer service the staff of Credit Technologies provides to William J Haverly & Associates and our clients.  In our business, timing is very crucial. Often the FICO score is the only thing that the lender needs in order to fund the loan. Most essentially, the “right FICO score” is needed.  If not perfectly, your team of customer service representatives is able to produce just that. Moreover, their demeanor is very welcoming, pleasant, and friendly. It is a great pleasure and privilege working with such professionals.

Your staff’s sincerity in helping and diligence in finding ways and means to solve the most difficult case is superb, unselfishly, sharing knowledge and secrets of the trade.

Congratulations and Thank You for your excellent customer service!”
J Haverly & Associates

“I refuse to use any other credit company even though our bank wants us all to use a specific one.  If anyone could show me this level of customer service, I would consider it, but they have not so I will not.”
PrimeWest Corp

“I wanted to thank you for your help on my file. Monday late morning I called your office with a mid score of 552 and a rather nasty recent collection account which was not my clients. By last night, about 30 hours later I received a mid-score for this client of 611 and the collection was removed. This loan was dead and now it is alive. Thank you for the knowledge and the quick work! I did not even ask for a rush.”
Premier Mortgage Capital

"Since we started using Credit Technologies, our loan volume has increased along with a means of confidence that we now know we are dealing with a company that truly cares for their clients and are available by MSN messenger or by email or by phone until 7:30 at night... and sometimes after hours.. We have enjoyed dealing with your office due to their personality and their knowledge of their company. I would recommend and I have recommended many of my competitors and friends to give your company a try, it would definitely be worth their effort. Thank you again for all that you do and your staff."
Assurance Mortgage

“I want to tell you that after 6 months with Credit Technologies, they have proven to be everything you said, and then some. The staff has been extremely helpful, ready to make suggestions and is very prompt with responses. Thank you for leading me to Credit Technologies.”
Bay City South Mortgage

“Here is an excellent example of what I learned in the seminar and the benefits of using CTI. My client had a 618 FICO, we need 620 for best FHA pricing, CTI re-ran TU thru their score remodeling system and we now have 636 FICO and a very good loan. This is fantastic!! Feel free to pass it on to my colleagues. Thank You for recommending them!”
Christensen Financial

“Thanks for your help. Credit Technologies analysts are the most knowledgeable, solution oriented staff I have ever worked with. You have given my clients more solutions in the past 30 day than I have ever had from any other company. The others we have dealt with are request form fillers and have never offered any constructive advice. I know more than the average bear about credit but you’re the 1st to teach me something that I didn't already know. I currently have 3 files closing that would have been lost without your assistance.

I have a strong reputation with the real-estate agents in the area as the go to guy when their clients have a problem, which is one of the reasons I bug you so often. With the score driven climate we are in now a few points can make a big difference in some wonderful people’s lives. You don't get to hear their responses when their "problem" is fixed, I do. Have you ever seen a grown women cry when your able to approve her for a home loan? I have, and more than once. The service you provide makes a difference and in a very short time you have become a indispensable resource. My clients think I am amazing and I just say "you’re welcome", I don't tell about Credit Technologies, but I want the CT team to know I know.

I am obnoxious but I am grateful for your patience and problem solving attitude. I'm excited about what’s going to happen to my income this year. I promise to log on to your website and explore it so a can get some answerers myself. When you ask “How can I help you close more loans?" you appear to mean it!”
Rapid Mortgage

“I am having a wonderful day.  First, because I found your company. Second because you are ALL SO WONDERFUL. Amazing service and wonderful attitude. I loved talking to everyone.

"Thanks for such terrific service.“
Windsor Capital

“I appreciate your time. I will never use anyone besides Credit Technologies. You guys are great!”
Utah First Credit Union

“To whom it may concern. I started to working with Credit Technologies a few months ago. We had a credit report that had some tax liens on it that were cleared per my borrower. Of course, we ordered a credit supplement for the credit report to have TU report them as satisfied or not his. After getting the supplement back we were able to remove all but one 56K tax lien from the state of NJ. MY borrower insisted that this was taken care of over 15 years ago. Either way we were not able to remove the item and thus the loan was denied for the tax lien being on the report and not satisfied.

What separated Credit Technologies was not the effort shown trying to get this off this credit report -  It was that he called me last week over 45 days since I last spoke with him just to inform me that the Tax Lien was removed by Trans Union and it was no longer on his credit. By him following up and not treating me as another number he has allowed me to get this started again with the bank and made my customer VERY happy, now that he can get rid of his 1 year ARM that he had to get.

Thanks to Credit Technologies - your motto "how can I help you close more loans" became a reality. Great Job, Thanks!”
MBI Mortgage

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort. I am pleased to let you know that we have gotten the loan approved and thanks to you we have our house. If it would have taken one more hour, they would have gone with their second offer and we would have been out of luck. You are awesome. Thanks again and have a great day!"
Mortgage Applicant

"I would like to let you know how extremely pleased we are with Credit Technologies.

We needed 3 supplements for a client who was due to close on a purchase the next day and we were unable to obtain a VOM from their current lender. CT was able to obtain the needed references within 1 hr and we were able to close the next day. I had some pretty happy clients. Thank you very much."
Turn Key Financial

"I want to take the time and personally thank the Credit Technologies team. Your customer service, knowledge regarding credit, and demeanor with respect to your business has helped me, "close more loans."

Customers have thanked me a great many of time for helping them finance their home. With the many thanks I have received, I give the same to you. Thanks for everything"
Pinecrest Mortgage

“Credit Technologies has been unbelievably helpful. We just recently switched and although the answer we receive might not always be the answer he hoped for, we always receive the correct answer.  We previously used another CRA  and was very dissatisfied with their service – We think Credit Technologies is incredible.”
Taylor Mortgage, Inc.

“I wanted to take the time to commend the staff of Credit Technologies who just helped me save a deal. Because of your patience and knowledge of how credit works I was able to make a deal happen which was going down the drain very fast. I was able to save my customer thousands of dollars in interest payments because of your service.  Credit Technologies is an asset to my company. Thanks for all your the help.”
West America Mortgage

“I am contacting you to inform you that I feel you have been such an asset to me in more ways than I can express. You have been expedient in your responses; you have gone above & beyond the call of duty when needed. Credit Technologies is a wonderful asset to our company. Thank you again!”
PC Bank

“Thank you so much for your assistance. At first I was apprehensive to follow your advice, because I felt no one could be as skilled or knowledgeable in the area of credit scoring.  But after speaking and working with customer care today, I feel I just doubled my client’s chances to get a better mortgage rate and terms and to close more loans.

Credit Technologies not only knew exactly what to do to improve on my clients circumstances, but they made me feel as if I knew also. I had to confess to, anything I know about credit I learned from Credit Technologies.

I want you to know, I am so delighted I am not working with our prior CRA any longer. I only wish I had known a credit firm like Credit Technologies existed 4 years ago. Then all my credit poor clients would have received the best help possible to improve their future and I would have closed more loans.

Thank you both for the superior job you are doing, to help my mortgage applicants improve their quality of life”
Quicken Loans

"Thanks for your kindness"
Infiniti One Corporation

"Thanks so much for you quick response"
Market Street Mortgage

"I have had much success working with you on my files"
Blue Adobe Mortgage

"Thank You - You are so fast"
Market Street Mortgage

"The staff at Credit Technologies has been incredibly nice and helpful"
Loans-R-Us Mortgage

"Man your fast!" and "Thanks a bunch!"
Pine State Mortgage

“I recently asked for some tax documentation and I would just like to express my appreciation. It was urgently needed and was sent in a very timely manner. You guys are life savers!”
IRS 4506 Consumer

"The Credit Technologies staff is the best"
Shore Mortgage

"Thank you for all your help" – CT does a great job."
Venture Development

"A big thank you, you are awesome. I love working with Credit Technologies!"
Market Street Mortgage

"Thank you!  Credit Technologies is the best!"
Kimera Mortgage

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for working so hard on my reports. Sometimes I forget to say that and it really is appreciated"
Mortgage Maxx

"Thank you for the great and friendly service"
Infinity Mortgage Inc.

"I am in love with you guys, everyone I have spoken to is awesome and incredibly helpful!
Best Mortgage

"Customer Service- Perfect as usual!"
Pine State Mortgage

“Your staff you did a masterful job this morning....we were so under the gun to meet an 11:00 am closing. You saved usual and we really appreciate your hard work – Thanks!"
Pine State Mortgage

"Thank you so much for your efforts – we appreciate it!"
 Tri City Loans

“Thank you for the awesome service you provide. As we gain experience with Score Express, we’re able to close loans that we simply couldn't before.”
American Family Mortgage

"Thank you for all your help. The loan will close and fund on time because of your help!"
Forward Financial Group

"Thank you for all your help - We really appreciate the fast response.”
Blue Adobe Mortgage

“Thank you for the awesome customer serve you provide.”
Royal Crown Capital

“Your staff is Incredible!"
Homestar Financial

“Thank you for so much for the help you provide on every call"
Elite Investments

"Thank you for responding so quickly to our requests."
Quicken Loans

"Oh my gosh, the staff of Credit Technologies is awesome! I really thought this one was going to be a huge battle! Thank you so much for all your help."
Pine State Mortgage

“Thank you so much for correcting my billing issue. I really appreciate your prompt response and your great customer service – especially from an accounting department.”
Countryside Financial Services

“Everyone at Credit Technologies does an excellent job and we are very happy with the serve we receive.”
Mortgage Max Inc.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service –I got me exactly what I needed as promised in a very timely manner. I Love doing business with you guys!"
Greenheights Investment Group

“Thank You! I love your customer service!”
Alexander Mortgage

“Thanks for your mental acuity and personal customer service. It’s good to have you Credit Technologies working on this with me. Thanks Again.”
Pierce Commercial Bank

“I value my relationship with Credit Technologies and thank you for that personal service we receive. Credit Technologies "rocks" when it comes to customer service.”
Accurate Quality Control, Inc.

“I have been in the mortgage industry for 10 years; most of my time has been spent on the wholesale side and I recently transitioned to retail to originate loans. The information provided was invaluable in helping me shoot down the misconceptions with "credit repair", clearing the "fog" of FICO, the kiss of death and all the advantages of properly educating my clients. I also was amazed at the tools and resourced provided by CTI with Credit Assure, Credit Analyzer and the What If Simulator - THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work in helping better educate the loan origination community with the truth from about Fair Credit Reporting and helping build the "trusted advisor" title so desperately needed in today's market.”
Dimension Texas Mortgage, Inc.

“We are very lucky have you guys. Everyone so far has been so helpful and friendly.“
PC Bank Home Loans

“I just did my first Score Remodel with Credit Technologies and the TU score (middle score as well) went up 20 points and is now a 584 and I will be able to take this client FHA for her purchase!! The call only took 3 minutes from start to finish. Once the call was done I was able to reprint the credit report (with the updated score) right away.”
Atlantic Bay Mortgage

“You rock! Thank-you! I still am trying to figure out the other one that I needed, but I am in an “end of the month” daze & cannot shake it yet! You guys are great – Thank you again for ALL of your help!”
PC Bank

“I believe Credit Technologies is going to be a key tool in closing more loans as they have a very aggressive rescore system. We recently had a borrower that had a 543, 560, and 571 and had them pay down a credit card. In a matter of a few days the rescore was completed and they now have a 554,623, and a 638! That’s a 63 point increase to the mid score in about a week that would have been no deal had it not been for the rescore!”
Premier Mortgage

“Just wanted to relay another “Feel – Good” regarding your accounting department. We had 2 bills, for a report where we helped a borrower improve their score by 131 points that we wanted to pay on 1 bill. Your accounting department took the time to help us resolve what I’m sure seemed an insignificant issue.

We really appreciate the personal service we receive from Credit Technologies. Thank you.”
WestAmerica Mortgage Company

“Please thank everyone in the Customer Care department, you are all great to work with – The best I have worked with thus far!”
Temple Mortgage, LLC.

“I have been very impressed with the customer service and turn times we receive. Your fast responsiveness means the difference between hitting and missing a deadline. I will definitely recommend you to coworkers.”
Chase Home Mortgage

“While their pricing is very good, the important thing are the scores. They average 10 to 15 points higher than either of the other 2 bureaus we have used. Also the have the ability to review alternate FICO scoring models and have seen increases as much as 40 points in minutes. I can also re-issue the credit through all my lenders and Fannie and Freddie web sites. This really is a great thing. I have 6 files that I could not do and because of them I can do them now. I don't usually put the word out about another company but this is one that should be acknowledged.”
Merchants Home Loan

“This is just our sincere thanks to you for being so patient with us and for such quick response to our request. You came through within the advertised time frame. I will recommend your company to everyone.
Tax Services Consumer

“Thanks again for the fantastic support and customer service. Without all of your help I would not have been able to close this transaction in a timely manner.” Your hard work is appreciated!”
Prime Capital Mortgage

“You all have been doing a great job in helping my customers and it’s a great asset to have such quick quality service.  I take an application and am instantly able to assist my borrowers in understanding and often improving their credit. You are the best and have made my life easier.”
The Mortgage Firm

“Thanks again! My client received 95% ltv on his purchase! He previously had 80% ltv. The few points really helped. Thanks again for your help!”
Orpah Investments, LLC

“’Credit Technologies is awesome! Thanks for getting us signed up with them."
Premier Mortgage Capital

“A client told us that he had used another major CRA for years, but he says Credit Technologies is much more user friendly and he has been very impressed with us so far; and this was after a Score Express returned unfavorable results for his consumer.”
Dominion Mortgage Corp

“We have been using them for credit reports in Virginia Beach for about 3 months now and they are defiantly better than our last CRA.”
Tidewater Mortgage Services

“I appreciate your help in getting my customer's scores up. She is now going to be able to refinance her loan and get a fixed rate. Plus it will save her monthly. I like people who go "above and beyond" for my customers!”
Christensen Financial

“All is going really great! I'm so glad we got setup with you guys! Credit Tech customer service and services are by far the best! Keep up the good work!”
Integrity Mortgage Center, LP

“I went thru the Mortgage Alchemy class and am thoroughly impressed with the level of service Credit Technologies provides.”
Sound Mortgage

“When I called in, it took maybe 3 minutes to have my borrowers mid credit score go from 537 to “563”.

All I needed was the score to go up to 540, to make my deal work. I would make sure everyone in the company is here on Tuesday for the training. 1 point will make or break a deal in the current market we are in.”
Oakwood Mortgage Group

“Credit Technologies is a critical part of our team.”
Washington Financial Group

“I just wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful service we are receiving.”
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group


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