The success or failure and cost of your buyer’s home loan is largely determined by the middle of their three FICO® scores. As little as one FICO point short of any pricing tier results in higher rates and fees or potentially the denial of their home loan.

A Typical Prequalification – Your Lender currently uses the existing mid FICO score obtained during the prequal process to fix the loan pricing tier and overall cost. This often (usually) results in your buyer paying thousands more in higher interest rates…Not so with BestQualify™

BestQualify gives Lenders and REALTORS® a powerful suite of automated tools and expertise helping every buyer maximize their FICO scores to qualify for very best rates and terms available.

The results are astonishing…

Average Buyer FICO Scores Increased by an Incredible 23.5 Points

2018 YTD average FICO score improvement per bureau

Each month we help more than 50,000 buyers qualify for home mortgages. The BestQualify process delivers on average more than one full tier of pricing improvement. We save buyers untold thousands of dollars and the process is completed within a few days at no additional cost.


Mortgage Alchemy™, our exclusive mortgage credit training program. We teach Mortgage and Real Estate professionals nationwide how to recognize even the smallest of opportunities to help buyers obtain the highest-possible FICO scores.

Mortgage Preflight ®

Your buyer’s get their credit summary with all three FICO scores delivered instantly from your website at the very start of the home purchase process. Preflight automatically identifies specific actions to raise their FICO scores, often by 20 points or more.

Credit Analysis

Once an action plan has been developed, Our ScoreExpress™ team applies the changes to your buyer’s credit files and generate the new credit reports and FICO scores.

Credit Rescoring

Our highly skilled team of credit analysts work with your lender, creating a free action plan to reach the FICO scores needed to lower loan costs. These changes can be as simple as updating an account balance or adjusting revolving ratios though balance transfers.

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Faster Closings

In addition to improving FICO scores to obtain better loan terms, we’re able to speed-the-path to the closing table by getting a jump-start on the lending process compliments of Mortgage Preflight. We further streamline mortgage approvals by automating many of your lender’s compliance mandates such as the consumer authentication requirements contained in FACTA Red Flag and the Dodd-Frank Act.

Beyond The Mortgage

Credit scores impact far more than just mortgage lending including auto loans and credit cards. In fact, credit scores are used in virtually all types of lending. It comes as a shock to most that credit scores also play a large role in determining insurance rates. BestQualify equipped and trained Lenders and Realtors are able to help buyers get on the path to financial success.

Faster Closings

We’re excited about helping you attract more buyers and Sell More Homes by helping your buyers BestQualify for their home mortgage. For more information, please call 800.445.4922, Option 1 or visit There’s no cost and we can get you up and running in just a few days.

About Credit Technologies

Credit Technologies is not a typical credit reporting agency. Over the past nearly 30 years, we’ve focused on helping more than 5 million home buyers nationwide qualify for the very best possible mortgage loans. Lenders nationwide use BestQualify to deliver home buyers the lowest mortgage rates and best terms available. We’re involved to and through closing. Should new issues arise days (or sometimes hours) before closing, we’re ready to drop everything and do whatever is in our power to assist in completing the sale.