Inclusive Flat Model

Inclusive Flat Model

Credit Reporting (Individual or Joint)


  • Credit Report File
  • Trade Line Updates/Supplements
  • All Repository (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax) Secondary Use Fees
  • FNMA/FMAC Reissue Fees
  • Loan Origination Software (LOS) Third Party Fees
  • Mortgage Preflight and Experian Level One Authentication-AS1 Fraud Detection Tool
  • FACTA Compliance Service (FCS)-Risk Based Pricing Disclosures, certificated compliance and audit protection.
  • CreditXpert Credit Assure-Automatically identifies opportunities to increase borrower FICO scores.
  • CreditXpert Credit Radar- Credit and score analysis, score trend indicator, LQI Stress test, Red Flag detection tools.
  • FNMA LQI Comparison Report
  • Unmerge Borrower (Remove borrower)
  • Add Spouse/Co-borrower

* 2019 Increases Are As Follows:

  • $ 8.65 increase on ind or joint trimerge credit report
  • $ 1.50 increase on ind or joint single bureau
  • $ 3.00 increase on ind or joint two bureau reports
  • $27.50 increase on ind or joint refresh reports*
  • CreditXpert Credit Analyzer has been replaced by CreditXpert Wayfinder, with an increase of $ .50
  • CreditXpert What-If Simulator will be increased by $ .50

*If refresh reports are included in your pricing, it will remain. If refresh reports are NOT included in your current bundle, the $2.00 increase applies

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