Pre-Trigger Leads

iScreen from Experian is a fast, easy-to-use, comprehensive list-fulfillment tool that helps you increase sales profitability and maximize your marketing dollars. Save time and money by sending offers only to prospects who meet your credit risk threshold. By using iScreen to combine predictive generic or industry-specific credit risk models, credit criteria and demographics, you can target the right customers to accelerate your sales efforts.

By eliminating unqualified prospects and high-risk accounts from your list you can reduce the overall cost of direct-mail solicitations and reach the best prospects more efficiently. This highly accurate targeting process leads to better response rates and lower costs. iScreen updates credit information twice a month, enabling you to choose only the best prospects. With iScreen, you can access lists of valuable prospects online, 24-7, via our secure website and most orders are completed within 24 hours.

iScreen is affordable and flexible, allowing you to base your marketing campaign decisions on needs rather than budget. Traditional batch pre-screens can be costly. iScreen solves this problem by providing a flexible, low-cost, pay-as-you-go structure.