Tenant Screening

Residential Tenant Screening

As a landlord or property manager, you know how critical it is to properly screen potential tenants. Problem tenants can create endless headaches, including thousands of dollars in back rent, property damage and legal fees — even exposing other tenants to dangerous criminal activities.

The solution is simple. You need an effective screening program to keep unwanted and potentially dangerous individuals out of your community. Simply having a screening policy in place will discourage the criminal element from applying and will reassure existing tenants that you’re making an effort to ensure their safety. Credit Technologies provides a turn-key solution for all of your tenant screening needs including:

  • Simple, online access to a complete suite of credit reporting services — all delivered in seconds;
  • Complete criminal records history including State and Federal records available nationwide;
  • Easy to read reports customized to your exact needs including registered sex offender searches, driving license verifications and driving history , OFAC search;
  • Reference Verifications — prior landlord and employment verifications delivered in hours; and
  • NEW — our Tenant Scorecard can automatically analyze the credit report, criminal record data and eviction history of an applicant and quickly generate a “pass,” “fail,” or “conditional” recommendation based on your customized screening criteria. This will improve decision turnaround time, reduce delinquency rates, and increase your bottom line margin.

In most cases, charges associated with tenant screening can be passed on to the applicant as an application fee, reducing, if not eliminating, your costs. Plus standardizing your screening process can help you avoid any appearance of discrimination.

Let Credit Technologies show you how simple and inexpensive it is to screen prospective tenants. We’ll help you design and deploy an appropriate tenant screening program customized to your needs. You can be up and running in about 72 hours. Give us a call at 800.445.4922, Option 1 or if you prefer, send us a note via email to learn more.

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SmartMove is our tenant screening solution. You gain access to:

  • National criminal reports
  • Leasing recommendations
  • Full credit report (optional)
  • National eviction reports

With no memberships required, the results are delivered online in minutes.

If you prefer our traditional InstaScreen Tenant Screening Services


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